My Favorite Vietnamese Dishes


The Vietnamese noodle soup has got to be one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes if not the favorite. It contains rice noodles, either beef or chicken broth, onions along with ginger and coriander. It is usually eaten during breakfast and best during the rainy season because of the hot soup. Some restaurants give you a create your own option so you can mix flank, tendon, brisket or even meatballs in one big soup. It is the favorite of old people who don’t like to eat heavy rice meals anytime of the day. It also the favorite of young people who like to stay awake at night because the soup will definitely get your juices pumped up. I think it is the best soup I have ever tasted out of any cuisines in the world.

Goi Cuon

The nation’s favorite spring rolls. I mean, there is no need for any form of introduction here as this dish is also available in the menus of other cuisines. It is usually pork in there along with either veggies or shrimp. It is very crunchy which is the same reason it is a favorite among households all over the country. It is twice as delicious when it is dipped in sweet chili sauce even though some would prefer dipping it into gravy. It has become so popular that some popular fast food chains have converted it into cheap rice meals. There is no denying its popularity that it has also appeared in other meals that combine it with other meat.

Goi Tom Xoai

It means Mango Prawn Salad and you can already imagine what is in the dish. The prawns are cooked nice in this one and its combination with mango is so extraordinary. It is also a healthy dish since it does not involve any red meat or rice. I recommend it to those who are trying to go on a diet. You are going to be already full once you get done with it. It is not even that tempting to get you to order another one.


It is Vietnamese style platter. It can consist of any 3 combination out of Prawns, Veggies, Grilled Pork Chop and Fried Rolls. It is best for a group who can’t decide what to order. Instead of spending a lot of time reading the menu, they can just order this platter and split the price. The best suggestion would be to order fried rice along with this one as you will be begging for it with all that meat right in front of you. It is just too impossible to not give in to the temptation.

Ban Thit Bo Kho

This one is Beef Stew with bread. There are a lot of beef stew versions in the world but I like the Vietnamese version the best. It is cooked to perfection that the beef is so tender. The bread is toasted nice too and it would taste even better if it is dipped into the sauce of the beef stew.

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