My Favorite Thai Dishes


Thailand is a wonderful country to visit. There are many reasons to tour this country ranging from amazing beaches to delicious flavors that will make you want to extend your stay. Thai cuisine is well-known all over the world for its wide range of ingredients, remarkable taste and plenty of medicinal properties. In most cases, Thai cuisine is added at least two types of spices or herbs that have been found to enhance your well-being. Here are my favorite Thai dishes that you should try:

Spicy Shrimp Soup (Tom Yang Goong)

This is one of the top leading dishes that is ideal for your taste buds. No other cuisine can beat this popular spicy broth. Tom Yang has 2 styles: thick spicy broth and clear spicy soup. Thick spicy soup is prepared by adding milk or coconut milk to the mixture, an ingredient that clear spicy soup lacks. Some of the common herbs used to prepare it include lemon grass, galangal, chili pepper, tamarind and more. Tom Yang is the most preferred food because it is versatile and can be made with mushroom, fish, prawns, chicken as well as a mix of seafood.

Spicy Chicken Broth (Tom Yam Kai)

Spicy chicken broth or soup is rich in flavors that give it a sweet taste and fragrance. It features a clear chicken soup refined with lime, chili and fish sauce. The mixture is cooked with Thai spices such as shallot, lemon grass as well as galangal. These ingredients give spicy chicken broth a special and satisfying aroma that no one would wish to miss.

Grilled Pork with Turmeric (Moo Sa- Te)

Moo Sa- Te is rich in flavors and fragrances which can make your mouth watery. The flavored grilled pork sticks are seasoned with juicy sauce consisting of curry powder and turmeric. It is worth noting that this kind of cuisine can be served with 2 types of broth: sweet as well as sour vinegar sauce rich in shallot, cucumber and pepper, and mild spicy thick sauce with curry powder, coconut milk and ground peanuts.

Fried Pork and Basil leaves (Pad Krapow Moo Saap)

Fried Pork and Basil leaves is my favorite cuisine that I can take for lunch or dinner. This dish is one of the most admired cuisines across Thailand and various parts of the world. It is prepared in a piping hot wok with many basil leaves, soy sauce, large fresh chili, green beans, little sugar and pork. Since crushed pork is oily, it blends well with the steamed white rice for a more satiating meal. For a better taste, it can be topped with a fried egg (kai dao)

Green Chicken (Gaeng Keow Wan Kai)

In most of the Thai dishes, chicken is common, especially when preparing curry as well as soup. Green Chicken tastes very pleasant and slightly spicy. This exclusive taste is derived from a blend of green curry, chili paste, sugar, salt, coconut milk and fish sauce. You can serve green chicken with steamed rice or Kanon Jeen.

Thai cuisines are not only mouth-watering, but also healthy. Most of these dishes are prepared using herbs such as pepper and garlic, which can prevent prevent a number of diseases, including high blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases and other benefits.



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